Francine Garcia
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Little did I know when I innocently signed up for a papier mache class that I had found my passion.  My instructor, M.J. Wilson, who has art degrees up the wazoo, played a major role in encouraging me to go forward.  "Don't let anyone get in your way, including me," she once said.  She's 80 plus years young and my idol.
Of course my partner, my biggest fan and supporter.  We were fellow hairdressers for 40 plus years.  David Pygeorge is an artist in so many ways, too many to mention.  His observations and suggestions have always been helpful.  Thank you thankyewthankyewthankyew.  Couldn't have done it without you.  I love you.
Vern Silva, my favorite brother-in-law and fellow artist and brilliant cartoonist.  He always comes up with the zingers, ie:  Tina TurnHer......oh, yeah....
Matt Serat made all of my metal armatures.  Another fellow artist who makes amazing cars.  Thank you, Matt.  You gave my sculptures life.
Claude Capozzo you are the BEST.   What infinite patience you had photographing my pieces out of doors on what turned out to be the windiest day of the season.  You did such a good job.  Made my art look good.  Kudos to you, my friend and fellow artist.    Claude
Tony Natsoulas:  Thank you Toeknee, for telling me I needed a website so that others could see what I'm doing.  You did such a good job setting up the site for me, the computor dummy.  Thanks for taking the time away from creating your outrageous clay sculptures that I love so much.